Can a Psychological Evaluation Help My Child?

Psychological evaluationThere are numerous reasons why children may experience difficulties in school, and oftentimes the cause of the difficulties appears uncertain.  Some children may struggle academically throughout their lives, while others may suddenly begin failing classes or receiving negative feedback from teachers unexpectedly.  Discovering the underlying reasons for a child’s academic or educational difficulties can be extremely stressful for parents, and very distressing for the child him/herself.  This process may feel overwhelming and parents may not know where to begin in order to obtain the necessary information so that their child can receive needed help or assistance.  Nevertheless, this process does not have to be mind-boggling or stressful.  Psychological evaluations and/or psychoeducational evaluations provide clarification regarding the nature of the problem as well as guide any recommendations for the child to receive needed assistance (through the school system, through psychotherapy or play therapy, at home, and/or through medication consultations).

Some of the most common causes of difficulties that impact school performance include learning disorders, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), developmental delays, anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorders.  In children and adolescents, symptoms of many of these difficulties often overlap, making evaluations an incredibly valuable tool for understanding each individual child’s particular source of distress.  Depending upon the primary concerns and the age of the child, evaluations may involve a wide range of testing measures and typically require 3-6 hours.  Through participation in a psychological evaluation or psychoeducational evaluation we are able to assess for the problems stated above, as well as other potential contributing factors.  By assessing a child’s cognitive and intellectual performance, academic and achievement abilities, and emotional/behavioral functioning, the origin of difficulties can be revealed, understood, and subsequently treated.

One of the best ways for a parent to help their child once academic or behavioral difficulties arise is to seek consultation with a psychologist as soon as possible.  It may be easier on parents to simply hope that their child is “going through a phase” or that problems will resolve themselves.  However, delaying the process of understanding the source of problems delays the process of pursuing solutions to the problems.  In most cases, children will become even more distressed as difficulties continue to occur and increase over time.  In turn, parents will then become increasingly distressed as well.  The earlier a particular difficulty can be identified, the more efficient the process of assisting a child in remediating those difficulties and feeling healthier and happier.

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