Welcome Video Transcript

Welcome to Focus Forward Counseling. Choosing a therapist is a very important decision. You’ve come to the website, you’re looking around, you’re wondering who might be the best match for your or your child’s needs and it’s a smart move to be careful with that.

We strongly believe that the primary vehicle for change in therapy is the goodness of fit between client and their therapist so we want to make sure that you get the right one for your needs. To do that we have a treatment team. We have psychologists, social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists….they have an incredible range of expertise and experience. We consult with each other, we share ideas, there’s kind of a two heads better than one and that’s all intended to get the best possible outcome.

Let me speak just for a minute about philosophies. The Focus Forward Counseling name is really derived as a departure from traditional therapies. Typically, therapy is based on the past. You’re going to gain some insight into family dynamics, maybe you’re going to talk about childhood experiences – that’s good. It can be helpful at times but more often than not people feel frustrated because they can explain why they’re having struggles but they can’t necessarily figure out what to do with those struggles. So rather than just taking an archaeological dig into your past our job is to look towards the future because if change is the goal for therapy you need a future version of yourself to move towards. To do that we’re not going to just take a look at where you struggle but how you succeed: what your strengths are, the goals that you have, how resilient you are. What we find time after time is that people are resilient, they are able to create their own goals, they are able to achieve them. Overwhelmingly people get positive results from counseling and we’re certainly going to hope for the same for you and do all we can to support you in that process.

We know that selecting a therapist means putting a lot of trust in someone you don’t know. We hope you’ll put your trust in us and please know that if you do we will do everything in our power to reward that trust and make sure you have an amazing experience. Thanks for taking the time to watch this and we look forward to meeting you.