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Yen-Chu Chen, L.P.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Direct Phone: (470) 250-4883
Location: Alpharetta Office

About Me:

One of my professors shared on the first day of school that the role of a therapist is not giving out answers but guiding individuals to look for their own answers; That is me as a therapist. I will be serving as a lighthouse, guiding you and casting a bright light on your life. We will work as a team and look for the coast that belongs to you. It is not going to be easy but you are not alone. Also, you have already accomplished the most difficult step: reaching out.

I am a National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Georgia and Mississippi. I have experience working with adults, couples, and adolescents who have been struggling with depression, anxiety, career issues, adjustment issues, traumas, relationship issues and grief. My counseling approaches are integrated based on your needs. Person-Centered, Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness are some of the approaches that I have been using with most of my clients. I am also trained in EMDR, an evidenced-based therapy to help you reduce distress linking with your past.

I am originally from Taiwan, a tropical island located in South East Asia. I speak both English and Mandarin. I would be more than happy to help you in either language. I offer in-person therapy for Georgia clients and virtual therapy for both Georgia and Mississippi clients. Thank you, “謝謝 Xie Xie” (thank you in Mandarin) for being here for yourself. I am looking forward to teaming up with you.

Traditional Chinese 繁體中文

您好! 我是嬿竹! 我是一名國家認證心理諮商師 (NCC National Certified Counselor) ,並在喬治亞 州和密西西比州有心理諮商師執照 (LPC Licensed Professional Counselor)。我從 2017 年開始執 業,諮商對象為成年人和青少年 (年齡13歲以上)。我的諮商經驗有憂鬱症、焦慮症、心理創 傷(PTSD)、人際關係問題以及生活工作壓力紓解。我的諮商方式將根據每人的需求進行調整。 目前我應用的諮商理論/ 方法有個人中心治療 (Person-Centered Therapy)、焦點解決治療 (Solution-Focused Therapy)、認知行為治療 (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy)、現實治療法 (Reality Therapy)、動機性訪談(Motivational Interviewing) 和正念療法(Mindfulness)。除此之外,我還有 接受 EMDR (眼動減敏與歷程更新治療)培訓。EMDR 是有經過臨床實驗認證對於心理創傷有效 的療法,它可以幫助您減輕與過去相關的痛苦經驗帶來的感受。

我的一位教授在開學第一天分享道,「諮商師的角色不是給出答案,而是引導個人尋找自己的 答案。」 這是我做為心理諮商師的座右銘。我期望我會像一座燈塔,指引您的方向。我們將會 是一個團隊,一起尋找屬於你的答案。然而這並不容易,但您不孤單。您已經完成了最困難的 一步:伸出援手! 如果覺得我的經驗可以幫助您,歡迎聯繫 Client Ambassadors,來安排我們的第 一次約談。如果需要語言上的協助,請直接與我聯繫。謝謝您,我期待與您一起團隊合作。

Simplified Chinese 簡體中文

您好! 我是嬿竹! 我是一名国家认证心理咨商师 (NCC National Certified Counselor) ,并在乔治亚 州和密西西比州有心理咨商师执照 (LPC Licensed Professional Counselor)。 我从 2017 年开始执 业,咨商对象为成年人和青少年 (年龄13歲以上)。 我的咨商经验有忧郁症、焦虑症、心理创 伤(PTSD)、人际关系问题以及生活工作压力纾解。 我的咨商方式将根据每人的需求进行调整。

目前我应用的咨商理论/ 方法有个人中心治疗(Person-Centered Therapy)、焦点解决治疗 (Solution-Focused Therapy)、认知行为治疗(Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy)、现实治疗法(Reality Therapy)、动机性 访谈(Motivational Interviewing) 和正念疗法(Mindfulness)。 除此之外,我还 有接受 EMDR (眼动减敏与历程更新治疗)培训。 EMDR 是有经过临床实验认证对于心理创伤 有效的疗法,它可以帮助您减轻与过去相关的痛苦经验带来的感受。

我的一位教授在开学第一天分享道,「咨商师的角色不是给出答案,而是引导个人寻找自己的 答案。」 这是我做为心理咨商师的座右铭。 我期望我会像一座灯塔,指引您的方向。 我们将 会是一个团队,一起寻找属于你的答案。 然而这并不容易,但您不孤单。 您已经完成了最困 难的一步:伸出援手! 如果觉得我的经验可以帮助您,欢迎联系 Client Ambassadors,来安排我们 的第一次约谈。 如果需要语言上的协助,请直接与我联系。 谢谢您,我期待与您一起团队合 作。

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