I have been seeing Dr. Brad for a couple of months now and have found him to be invaluable in helping me work through some very difficult situations. His thought provoking questions have pulled me out of shell and allowed me to see things with a better attitude, outlook, and fearlessness that I didn’t know I had. Just listening and suggesting I try different things has given me new freedom. I would recommend Dr. Brad to anyone looking for the same qualities that I now embrace. The name says it all: I am focused on the future and it looks a whole lot brighter! Thank you.


A Counselor Who Cares
My husband and I went to Dr. Brad for couples counseling when we were going through a difficult time in our marriage. We never felt uncomfortable discussing our problems or opening up to Dr. Brad. He has a warm, inviting office that helps you feel comfortable sharing your emotions. Dr. Brad was also great at helping us both learn to reflect internally to find the solutions to our problems. I appreciate the way he focuses on positive solutions instead of delving on past regrets, mistakes, and other history. I also appreciate the way he enabled us to become more self reflective and be better communicators. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of counseling services.

Everything I Needed!
Before seeing Dr. Brad I was struggling on many levels in different areas of my personal life. Dr. Brad was very professional, understanding, and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with him and his responses to me during our discussions. At the end of our sessions together I felt confident and reassured, which was the desired outcome I was hoping to achieve. I would most definitely recommend him to others who are struggling with both personal and relationship issues.

Very Professional, Courteous
Having seen Dr. Brad for around a year, I have found him to be very professional, courteous and insightful. Not overly prescriptive (helping me find answers rather than spelling out instructions), while not being wishy-washy. I am convinced my psychological health is better for seeing Dr. Brad.

Dr. Jensen was wonderful. Walking into the office I felt that the environment is based on caring. I loved the holistic feeling I got from Dr. Jensen. He was thorough and got to the root of things. I am greatly impressed!

I went to Dr. Whitehead for psychological testing and she was terrific. I felt connected to her, as she was very accommodating and friendly. Just talking things through really helped me manage my anxiety. I’ve been to a couple of other psychologists and I felt like this was a much better experience.

A Huge Difference
We brought our son to Dr. Whitehead for an ADHD evaluation. It was really good! She seemed to do really well with our son and there was great communication. We got a diagnosis and got our son on the appropriate medicine and it’s made a huge difference.

Responsive and Beneficial
I felt that meeting with Dr. Brooks was very beneficial. I very much liked him, as he seems like a pretty normal person and it flowed easily. He was easy to get in touch with and highly responsive. I would go back to him again if I needed some help and I would definitely recommend him.

Excellent Listener
Tanya is very perceptive, does a fantastic job listening to what I am saying (and not saying!), and overall just makes me feel like she can help me continue to heal.

New Life, New Brain
At some point I lost it I guess: worrying about my health, my kids, my family. I’ll say more I was scared to death about my life being over because of a number of things. Well guess what? I have no idea how, but she fixed it all. In a few visits I was already a different person with totally different thoughts and they are 97% positive. Thank you Tanya! I feel I got a new life, new brain thanks to you!

Big Help and Support
Suzanne, I definitely feel that I’ve made progress thanks to our sessions, so I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your time and help.

She Asked the Questions I Needed to Ask Myself
Kim hit the nail on the head and helped me to identify triggers and things that make me feel good. She was patient and always gave me honesty in a way I could handle. I feel like I’m on my way to being a different person.

Improved Quality of Life
Simone was great. She was very helpful in the short time I was with her. It made a big difference in my overall quality of life. We had good rapport and she challenged me when I needed to be challenged on the areas nobody else was challenging me in. She helped me to examine my assumptions.

Talitha was very informative. I felt very comfortable around her. I felt like I could talk to her about anything.

Psychological testing went perfectly. Dr. Martin was great with my son. He was responsive and it was all easy to set up. He gave us lots of insight into our son and what he was struggling with. He provided us with great recommendations that we could take to our son’s school and use them there. The school was able to create an individual learning plan based on Dr. Martin’s evaluation. It was exactly what we were looking for.

Helpful Tools
For 5 months, Tanya and I met online for regular sessions. She was highly responsive to my needs, and addressed my goals and concerns. In particular, she provided techniques to use when I’m facing difficulty. Thanks to her, I am happier, and have the tools to move forward. I’ve worked with a half dozen or so therapists over the years. Tanya is by far the best, and I highly recommend her, especially to folks looking for effective strategies to use in daily life. Thank you, Tanya 🙂

Stayed on Path
It was my first counseling experience and I was a little hesitant going in. I’m glad I did. It was a great experience. I thought Kim was awesome and have nothing but good things to say. I noticed that she was able to have an overall path and strategy. She did a good job keeping us on path and working towards a goal.

Safe and Trusting
My children experienced a difficult divorce and it was hard on them. Erica has been able to gain a level of trust. Erica has been able to break down barriers in the family relationships. The kids have been opening up more and building better relationships. My kids knew it was a safe area in which they could speak to her with privacy. Erica helped to support their critical thinking and come to their own conclusions. I’m very thankful for what she’s been able to do and I would highly recommend her and Focus Forward to anyone.

One of the Best!
It’s been an amazing experience. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone. She’s been wonderful. I had a lot of anxiety and depression and she helped me work through them. Kim is really easy to connect to right away and it was natural and never awkward. She’s not judgmental and I felt at ease. I did therapy once before and didn’t really believe in it but she turned it around for me. It was a very open space and she let me find myself. Kim gave me good techniques to work on that helped with my anxiety, depression, and relationships. She is one of the best – she was a lifesaver for me.

Warm and Inviting
Overall the experience with Josie was great. I felt like every time we met we made progress. I found a way to help myself with everything she suggested, such as different ways to think about things. Everything was warm and inviting, and the office created a comfortable space to talk.

Helpful Techniques
Working with Josie was great. My son took to her well and she had good techniques. He had seen other therapists before Josie and he felt that she was easy to talk to. Her communication helped us to implement things at home and provide us with ways forward.

Professional and Empathetic
Sessions with Suzanne were very good for me and I had exactly what I needed. I felt there was a good combination of guidance and feedback as well as the human touch of empathy, as well. She was professional, with no mixing of person and patient.

Family Help
I met with Dr. Williams online to help me with parenting and to provide support for my son as he entered high school. Dr. Williams was always prompt and helpful in providing materials. She was great listener and a great prompter. She was able to help me not only with parenting issues but with my personal concerns.

Friendly Face
Working with Dr. Weber was very helpful. He was able to help me in other areas beyond what I originally sought. Dr. Weber was easy to talk to and gives me space to share my thoughts. When I was looking for answers from him he helped me to provide my own. Dr. Weber always seemed upbeat and happy and that transferred to me; he’s a friendly face.

Simone was just great. I learned a lot about myself, how I address situations, how I take on life, and what’s interrupting my life. We worked on reframing. I didn’t know how to put a thumb on it but she helped me do so and reach a point where I could accept things and work on them. To have somebody right there, going through it with you, is remarkable. Therapy is an important and empowering tool and helped me move forward.