I have been seeing Dr. Brad for a couple of months now and have found him to be invaluable in helping me work through some very difficult situations. His thought provoking questions have pulled me out of shell and allowed me to see things with a better attitude, outlook, and fearlessness that I didn’t know I had. Just listening and suggesting I try different things has given me new freedom. I would recommend Dr. Brad to anyone looking for the same qualities that I now embrace. The name says it all: I am focused on the future and it looks a whole lot brighter! Thank you.


A Counselor Who Cares
My husband and I went to Dr. Brad for couples counseling when we were going through a difficult time in our marriage. We never felt uncomfortable discussing our problems or opening up to Dr. Brad. He has a warm, inviting office that helps you feel comfortable sharing your emotions. Dr. Brad was also great at helping us both learn to reflect internally to find the solutions to our problems. I appreciate the way he focuses on positive solutions instead of delving on past regrets, mistakes, and other history. I also appreciate the way he enabled us to become more self reflective and be better communicators. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of counseling services.

Everything I Needed!
Before seeing Dr. Brad I was struggling on many levels in different areas of my personal life. Dr. Brad was very professional, understanding, and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with him and his responses to me during our discussions. At the end of our sessions together I felt confident and reassured, which was the desired outcome I was hoping to achieve. I would most definitely recommend him to others who are struggling with both personal and relationship issues.

Very Professional, Courteous
Having seen Dr. Brad for around a year, I have found him to be very professional, courteous and insightful. Not overly prescriptive (helping me find answers rather than spelling out instructions), while not being wishy-washy. I am convinced my psychological health is better for seeing Dr. Brad.

Dr. Jensen was wonderful. Walking into the office I felt that the environment is based on caring. I loved the holistic feeling I got from Dr. Jensen. He was thorough and got to the root of things. I am greatly impressed!

Most Positive Counseling Experience
Dr. Milton was great. My daughter has been in and out of counseling for years and Dr. Milton is the only person she’s been able to open up to. Dr. Milton was very helpful and this has been the most positive counseling experience we’ve had. We appreciate everything she’s done. She was a blessing.

Right Person 
Susan Clerici: Right person. Right time. Right reasons. Didn’t know it for a long time but she found a lost boy and saved a grown man. Forever grateful for the help she gave me.

Help for Vets 
Susan has a passion for working with vets, she understands the unique problems that active duty military soldiers and families face.

Safe, Skilled and Trustworthy 
For a long time I rejected the help that others were offering me; then I met you. I never trusted anyone and felt no one cared and all they wanted was to hear some cool stories and get paid. Then one day I was introduced to a very tough Italian woman who was not intimidated by me and wasn’t going to allow me to waste an hour of my time; (I would say your time but you made it known that you were there to help and that you actually wanted to help, so I felt that you never actually saw it as time wasted in your day.) You made it clear it was my time I would be wasting and all you wanted to do was help us soldiers utilize that time. I felt safe like I could tell you anything; and you helped me realize I needed help and talking about my problems is very helpful. I have never really found anyone that I have trusted as much as you and I have bounced from one therapist to another. But I never quit because that is something I have learned from you. You know how to deal with men who are taught to be tough and try to intimidate people, but not you Susan; you are similar to a NCO in the military; very tough but gentle when needed. I loved how you never allowed me to come in a just sit there. You pushed me to open and to realize I needed help to get over the stigma of PTSD; you had a way of making me talk but at the same time you knew when to stop pushing whereas I have dealt with some therapists who don’t have the skill you have.

Excellent Experience with Susan 
Everything was awesome with the therapy!

Dorit, we both left your office feeling so encouraged about the opportunity to work with you and also so pleased with the conversation this morning. I felt like I could see the stress fall away from my daughter as the session went on and as she started to recognize that she could be helped to potentially get past her fears. I know she felt comfortable and I certainly did! Thank you again!

I have nothing but good things to say about Lindsey!
Both my daughter and I saw her and she was great. Lindsey was very clear and explained things to us very well. Lindsey was responsive with excellent communication. She gave us techniques to move forward.

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