The Effectiveness of Therapy is an article from Dr. Martin Seligman’s work. This is the first and largest scale study that directly asked consumers for their opinions about therapy. As you’ll see, for most people therapy can be very effective.

Depression Comprehensive information about depression from WebMD.

Do I Have Depression? WebMD has constructed a great site that helps you gather preliminary information about whether you are struggling with clinical depression. It even has a printable report that you can bring to a counseling session for yourself and your counselor to review.

American Psychological Association The APA is the major professional organization for psychologists. Their website has a wealth of information related to psychological practice and psychological disorders.

CHADD  Children and Adults with ADHD website that helps people understand ADHD and find local support groups.

Depression Bipolar Support Alliance Link to local depression bipolar support groups.

EMDR A review of scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of EMDR.

EMDR Part II Expert answers on EMDR.

EMDR Research Research prompts acceptance. Learn more about this helpful therapeutic technique.

Gamblers Anonymous Find local meetings.

Georgia Parent Support Network Support, education, and advocacy for children and their families with mental illness, emotional disturbances, and behavioral differences.

Memory Care in Georgia Information on dementia and treatment resources.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Easy-to-understand information about mental illnesses, mental health care, diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Outstanding resource for families who are coping with mental illness.

National Institute of Mental Health contains articles pertaining to common psychological disorders, their diagnostic features, and research and treatment considerations of those disorders.

Psych Central is a fantastic website that is continuously updated with new content relevant to mental health. It has a vast number of brief articles on current developments in psychological science, psychological disorders, and treatment information.

Psychology Today is a website that contains excellent articles for those interesting in learning more about psychological issues.

Science Daily presents current research brain functioning.

Suicide Prevention Hotlines Don’t waste a minute. If you’re in risk please call immediately to get help. Within this page there are also helpful links for those having the challenges of coping as survivors of a loved one’s suicide.