Is Your Relationship Safe From an Online Affair?

Online affairIn another post (Does Facebook Cause Affairs?) I noted how an unfortunate number of affairs can be linked to Facebook. Does Facebook cause the affair? Of course not. But the online environment can open some doors to misconduct.

Here’s a few tips to follow for keeping your relationship safe.

(1) Be open about your Facebook use. Nothing can create paranoia in a relationship faster than secrets, particularly those about whom you’re relating to and what you’re talking about.

(2) Avoid flirting. While it may seem harmless and innocent you can’t predict or control the reactions of your Facebook friend. One comment can quickly lead to another and emotional intimacy can develop.

(3) Unless you have nothing but positive comments to share about your partner, never discuss the state of your relationship with a person who could ever even be remotely considered as a potential relationship partner. If you complain about your relationship you’re opening the gateway for that person to reciprocate. You know the phrase: misery loves company…..infidelity often follows.

(4) Don’t backchannel someone with an email message that you know your partner would be uncomfortable reading.

(5) Ask yourself this one question at all times: Would I be comfortable letting my partner know about the details of my communication with my Facebook friend? If the answer is no your relationship has already been compromised and you need to consider working out the problems directly with your partner and/or with the assistance of a counselor.

Always remember that more than one type of infidelity exists: there are sexual affairs and there are emotional affairs. Each can be toxic to a relationship.