Adrienne Markopolos, L.P.C.

Adrienne Markopolos, L.P.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor
Direct: (404-798-3134)
Alpharetta Office

My name is Adrienne Markopolos, MS, LPC, NCA, AASECT. I am a seasoned clinician whom has practiced for over 20 years. As a graduate of the University of Miami were I studied Speech Communication and Sociology this laid the ground work for understanding what a difference effective communication can make in any setting. I went on to earn a graduate degree from the Miami Institute of Psychology in the area of mental health. Throughout my career I have been honored to partner with clients effectively managing depression, grief, ADHD, ADD and general mental health concerns. Perhaps I am most proud of the life changing work I have collaborated with clients addressing specific specialties which include the following sex and couples Therapy, eating disorders and substance abuse.

I have a passion for providing a much needed service specialty for couples struggling in a sexless partnership/marriage. As a Certified Sex and Couples Therapist I have unique training that has proven to be very successful as a means of guiding individuals/couples in enhancing intimacy as well as sexual experiences. This specialty training was earned at the Colorado School for Family Therapy, an organization accredited by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. Dissatisfaction in this area typically leads to frustration, isolation and loneliness. A starting point is often helping to address the breakdown in communication, acknowledging and releasing resentments and helping the individual with asking for what they need without criticizing, passing judgment or reflecting on what was not done to meet their needs in the past. As a means of specifically identifying concerns and understanding each person in a collective unit it is necessary to have a psychosocial assessment conducted to determine one’s history in five core areas. Clients are prompted to take a sexual satisfaction survey. These tools are used to direct the next course of action to specific challenges impacting intimacy and the act of sex. It is possible to further narrow the cause of such challenges by using tools which are designed to be used to determine or rule out pain disorders, arousal disorders, erectile dysfunction, roadblocks resulting from trauma, specific medication use, general health related causes and or others disorders impeding sexual performance. My aim is to educate so we can move in the direction of enhancing sexually satisfying acts to an individual or to the collective unit I call the couple. These assessments tools assist with further guide planning an appropriate course of action known as treatment. I offer a safe space to share, educate and receive assistance for even the most difficult concerns shared by clients and referrals can be made to a qualified Urologist as needed for any medical testing if needed and medication enhancement drugs when necessary.

Clients suffering from eating disorders present circumstances which require an experienced professional to diagnose, treat, educate and to assess the appropriate level of care continuously. Circumstances and or stressors can bring about rapid changes in eating habits presents serious health concerns. Managing stress, improving self esteem and processing feelings are ways that assist clients with relearning healthy habits. I have over six years of experience working diligently with this very impressionable population of clients needing this type of specialized care. My training in eating disorders was received at the Colorado School for Family Therapy.

Substance abuse is at an all time high in our society. I have worked with this population of clients and understand the disease of addiction. It is necessary for clinicians to work collaboratively with a client to assess if substance use has become a coping mechanism for an inability to manage life stressors, to rule out if substance use is masking a mental health disorder or if it is a combination of nature and nurture in line with the disease of addiction. My twelve years of substance abuse experience can be a starting point for assisting clients with determining an appropriate level of care and establishing sobriety.