Gilberte 'Gigi' Bastien, Ph.D.

Gilberte "Gigi" Bastien, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
Languages: English & Haitian-Creole
Direct: (404) 919-6417
Alpharetta Office

Over the course of my training and career working with individual navigating difficult chapters, I’ve learned that no single, cookie-cutter approach holds the answers for all clients and/or situations encountered in practice. I believe it’s vital in my work to view each client as an individual with a unique way of being in the world. This view demands that rather than using a single approach, I draw from an integrated framework that is can be expanded, abbreviated, and modified as appropriate for each individual client. Another critical component of this process of tailoring the approach to each client is assessing each client’s worldview, multicultural identities and understanding of their own challenges and strengths.

In my therapeutic work, my most important aim is to ensure clients understand that I am on their team. It is in this spirit and with a collaborative approach that I work hand in hand with clients to develop a plan for the journey we will walk together. From this starting point, I believe a therapist and client are best positioned to do the work of navigating the presenting challenges and empowering clients to start the work of building meaningful lives that reflect their interests and passions.

My training is in clinical psychology with a perspective that aims to reduce public mental health disparities. I received by B.S. from Xavier University of Louisiana, and both my M.A. and PhD from University of Mississippi. I subsequently completed specialty pre- and post-doctoral training in the VA healthcare system. As such, I work well with military populations and families, issues of trauma and resiliency. I am also well versed in the treatment of challenges that accompany chronic illness (e.g., diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.) as well as chronic pain and sleep/insomnia challenges.